Asperger’s / autism and vulnerability

the silent wave

One of the attributes that I have always despised the most is that of my vulnerability.  Sometimes I feel like I’m standing naked in the open, everything exposed for the world to see–and sneer and jeer at.

Not pleasant.  Not comfortable.

It’s been more than 10 months since I snuggled into my spot on the autism spectrum, but although my sense of validation and my self-confidence have shot through the roof, the vulnerability hasn’t budged. Not that I magically expected it to, but maybe a part of me was wishing upon a star, holding out for the impossible.

The Asperger’s/autism realization, though, has brought me a streak of light, of peace.  Although nothing has changed (why would it?  I’m still me 🙂 ), I’ve been able to decode my life and answer those enigmatic conundrums.  I believe that half the battle (any battle) is knowing why.  Why are we the…

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